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Lesley’s Review of “Fuddles”

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Author and Illustrator:  Frans Vischer
Publisher:  Aladdin, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing

Here is a book for all the cat-lovers out there!  Fuddles is a fat and pampered cat who lives the good life indoors.  He seemed completely satisfied, until one day he gets it in his mind that a grand adventure awaits him beyond the front door and into the “wild.”  The comforts of home are no longer as appealing as the excitements of the unknown.  He attempts to prepare for his outdoor exploit as best he can, but when his chance for escape finally comes, his main discovery is just how unprepared he still is . . . and when actual danger ushers him further away from home than he can navigate, he gains a new appreciation for home and family.  In the end, Fuddles is finally found, as is his sense of where he belongs.  He’s an adventurer that happens to love being pampered!

This book was my introduction to Frans Vischer, who is both author and illustrator.  This rare talent combination is dynamite, since much of the fun in picture books is the interplay between what should be spoken with words and what the illustrations can reveal to us “between the lines.”  In this case, there is an endearing storyline with a perfectly subtle, yet sure, message of family and belonging.   The illustrations take it to a whole new level, adding humor and emotion, and reminding us readers not to take our own blessings for granted.  One of those blessings might be a fat, pampered cat on your lap awaiting a soft belly rub, just like in the final, adorable illustration.  

Recommended for ages 4 to 8!

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