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Lesley’s Review of “Dino Pets”

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Dino PetsFor the Joy of Literacy!

Author:  Lynn Plourde
Illustrator:  Gideon Kendall
Publisher:  Dutton Children’s Books, a Division of Penguin Young Readers Group

It’s difficult to decide which pet is the best, especially when it’s a comparison of dinosaur pets.  In this story a young boy happened upon a Dino Pets store, and so begins the plot:  “I got a dino for a pet, the BIGGEST dino I could get.”  One can imagine the problems about to arise, so it is not surprising when the boy needs to change his choice of pet.  As it turns out, dino pets of any kind have their own set of complications.  After trying the fastest, lo-o-ongest , softest, smallest, and scariest dinosaur, it seemed that his pet search would only end in disappointment.  But not so!  You’ll have to read it to see.

Kids enjoy the wonder of dinosaurs and this book both  inspires imagination and develops reason.  For instance, what would it actually be like if the longest dinosaur was at the playground?  Imagining the possibilities and reasoning the probabilities are both at play in this book.  Lynn Plourde writes in simple rhyme, great for literary development and memorization.  Though there are a few stumbles in the rhythm, the overall idea and flow are fun and upbeat, ideal for animated storytelling that will excite our little readers.  Gideon Kendall’s illustrations are a real pleasure, with bold colors and humorous expressions throughout that will draw the reader into the story.  Get it and get ready for some dramatic storytelling!

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