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Lesley’s Review of “A Lullaby for Little One”

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A lullaby for little oneFor the Joy of Literacy!

Author:  Dawn Casey
Illustrator:  Charles Fuge
Publisher:  Nosy Crow

Dawn Casey and Charles Fuge join forces in this tale of father-child bonding.  It is evening and Big Daddy Rabbit invites his Little One along for some purely sweet frolicking – chasing each other though the woods, playing hide-and-seek, dancing and splashing.  They are joined throughout the story by an owl, a mouse, and a very friendly bear.  Each page-turn is a delight, filled with bright and beautiful color.  There is no shortage of character cuteness.   

The story rides a light-hearted high until it is interrupted by a sudden whimper.  As with most little ones, the excitement can quickly end when all energy is spent and bedtime calls.  “Are you all worn out from that hullaballo?” asks the father.  “Maybe it’s time for a lullaballoo.”  A rose and yellow watercolor sunset spreads atop the page as Big Rabbit carries his Little One away and their friends wave goodnight.  We are left with a sense of completion and comfort seeing these two furry creatures snuggle together for some sweet dreams, making it a wonderful bedtime book for us to settle into a snuggle with our own little ones. 

These illustrations are fantastic, and I believe a child of any age would enjoy looking through this book.  Fuge brings great expression and feeling to the story.  The text, also, has the potential for added dramatic expression, using words that may tickle the ears of young children – whooped and swooped, splashed and sploshed, and snuffled and snuggled.  The storyline is short and in a very simple rhyme, setting the ideal audience target to a younger crowd of around two to five years old. 

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