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Lesley’s Review of “Mother, Mother, I Want Another”

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Mother Mother I Want AnotherFor the Joy of Literacy!

Author:  Maria Polushkin Robbins
Illustrator:  Jon Goodell
Publisher:  Dragonfly Books

As the bedtime ritual comes to a close, Mrs. Mouse gives her son a bedtime kiss. Everything has gone smoothly thus far, until Mrs. Mouse turns to leave the room. Baby mouse then begins to cry: “I want another, Mother!” Desperate to appease baby mouse’s cries, Mrs. Mouse runs to fetch Mrs. Duck who attempts to calm baby mouse with a very ducky lullaby. When this doesn’t work, they call on Mrs. Frog. After five mothers fail at consoling him, baby finally explains: “No more mothers! . . . I want another KISS!” Each mother kisses baby mouse goodbye. Then he is tucked cozy into bed and finally receives ANOTHER kiss from his mother.

Text Review: What a cleverly sweet twist! There is never a boring page. Each mother’s lullaby is a nice addition, interspersing well-written rhyme while giving our young readers insight into each animal’s characteristics. The ending creates every feeling that a great bedtime picture book should.

Illustration Review: I give it 5+ stars.

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Author: Lesley (Dahlseng) Rieland

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