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Lesley’s Review of “A Very Fuddles Christmas”

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Fuddles Christmas

For the Joy of Literacy!

Written and Illustrated by Frans Vischer

A simply perfect beginning . . . “Fuddles was a fat, pampered cat.”  Then prepare to experience Christmas through the eyes of this spoiled feline.  Every cat owner will find themselves shaking their heads and laughing, as it seems a bit of mischief is in every kitty.  Holiday delicacies, wrapped boxes perfect for scratching and chewing and, of course, the tree.  Surely every cat looks and thinks – it’s for ME!  For the first time, this spoiled Fuddles hears the word “no” . . . so much so that he finds himself outside in the very cold snow.  How will this pampered cat brave these new elements?  And how will he find his way back inside?  Not to fear, our adorable kitty finds his way back inside the same way Santa would, though not quite as gracefully.  He is soon back to being just as spoiled, with some added Christmas pampering.

The combination of Fans Vischer’s text and illustrations was fantastic, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere chocked full of humor.  My seven-year-old read it three times in a row!

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Author: Lesley (Dahlseng) Rieland

Children's Book Author

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