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Lesley’s Review of “I’ve Seen Santa!”

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I've Seen Santa

For the Joy of Literacy!

Author:  David Bedford
Illustrator:  Tim Warnes

So many questions and too much anticipation leaves Little Bear unable to sleep.  He wants to see Santa!  Yet, each time he thinks he hears Santa, it turns out to be his parents.  First, Big Bear is caught drinking Santa’s milk.  Then he is caught eating Santa’s pies.  Lastly, Mommy is caught stuffing presents in the stockings!  Will Santa ever come?  Or should it be asked . . . IS there a Santa?

David Bedford masterfully walks the fine line between a parent’s vs. child’s version of Christmas Eve, creating a story that pulls the child’s anticipation right in with Little Bear and makes for a good chuckle from the parents.  But for those parents who don’t want the cat out of the bag quite yet – have no fear.  Despite what may seem like a “close call”, Little Bear never seriously questions Santa’s existence, and we are later satisfied by a jolly picture of Santa eating his pie and smiling at the sleeping family of bears curled up on the floor.  The joke may be on us adults, for “they never did see Santa . . . even though Santa saw them!”

Likes:  Everything.  The illustrations are perfect, and the story captures great feeling and meaning within short, simple text.

Dislikes:  Nothing.

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