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Lesley’s Review of “Mortimer’s Christmas Manger”

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MortimerFor the Joy of Literacy!

Author:  Karma Wilson
Illustrator:  Jane Chapman
No doubt it’s a challenge to present the manger scene in a fresh perspective.  Yet, Karma Wilson is up for the challenge!  This story is told through the experiences of Mortimer, an adorable little mouse who seeks a warm home in a table-top manger scene.   Not knowing the purpose of these ornaments, Mortimer decides to simply push the baby Jesus and the other manger statues out in order to make room for himself, presenting a parallel dilemma to the original Christmas story:  where will Jesus stay?  Each day is the same.  Mortimer returns to find baby Jesus back in place, and Mortimer pushes and shoves Jesus back out.  It is only while overhearing the Christmas story that Mortimer realizes whom these statues represent.  He remorsefully offers Christ his bed back.  In the end, there is room for Jesus – and there should be room in your home for this book! 
It is a great message with delightful illustrations and a happy ending for Mortimer . . . who later finds the best home a mouse could ever ask for!  You’ll have to read it to see! 

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Author: Lesley (Dahlseng) Rieland

Children's Book Author

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