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Lesley’s Review of “The Donkey’s Christmas Song”

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The Donkey's Christmas SongFor the Joy of Literacy!

Written and Illustrated by Nancy Tafuri

All the stable animals want to welcome the baby Jesus, and each take turns “singing” their own song by their respective animal noises. The doves’ song is slow and sweet, the cow’s is low and warm . . . such is the procession of gentle welcomes. When it is donkey’s turn, he is concerned that his bray will be too loud. Nonetheless, he offers the baby his “noisy song”, which elicits great joy and laughter from Jesus.

This book is an excellent choice for young children. Though it does not mention Jesus by name, nor many other Biblical details, its lack of details is fitting for the intended age group. The simple and sweet text hold a child’s attention while building just enough suspense for the ending. Meanwhile, it teaches/confirms each animal’s name and its sound. There is also a lesson for young and old alike: that each of us are given a talent that can bring joy to our Lord, even when we think our gift is not as impressive as other’s. In the end, your child will join along with Jesus in laughter at the donkey’s noisy “hee-aw!”

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