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Book Reviews:

“A rare gem . . . a ‘hope chest’ kind of book. The kind that one unearths many years into one’s adulthood. Highly recommended. (Celina Cuadro, Book Ideas)

“Mirela Tufan provides vivid, compelling color illustrations throughout the story and her colors and hues are lovely enhancements of the story line . . .
The rhyme is wonderful, the message simple, and the delivery was very easy to understand, all wrapped up with the lovely supportive illustrations. Christian families seeking a strong starting point for relating God to a young child’s experience will thus find ‘My Kiss Won’t Miss’ an excellent choice. ((D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review, e-book Reviewer))

“Blown kisses swirl through the air in search of their designated child in this loving bedtime story whose rhyme and repetition sings like a lullaby. Flowery illustrations portray exquisite locales – from a child drifting to sleep in a barn, to one in a desert, another on the moon – to show that a parent’s tuck-in ritual will reveal their love no matter the distance between them and their kin.” ( Foreword Reviews)

“The mother’s kiss floats on a continuous stream that weaves through each scene’s background―a pastel-colored plume that sparkles and shimmers with unconditional love . . .” (Kirkus Review, kirkusreviews.com)

” . . . kids are reminded of this love that never ends. This book would be a perfect bedtime read, accompanied by snuggles and a kiss goodnight.” (Alice Berger, Bergers Review)

“A beautiful message delivered in an inspired way, letting children know from an early age that love knows no boundaries, regardless of country or skin color or gender.”  (Amazon Customer Review)


mirelaTFrom the Illustrator:

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 To find out more about illustrator Mirela Tufan, visit her website: 


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