Lesley (Dahlseng) Rieland

Children's Book Author and Christian Blogger

Lesley’s Blog

Here is your window into my musings about life!

Since the most important aspect of my life is Christ, my blogs will most often reflect this.  Being a children’s author can give some of my thoughts a bit of fun and simple silliness.  However, there will be plenty of “meat” to chew on for those of you who are interested in deeper issues.

Hope you not only enjoy, but that it is a catalyst to your own musings about God.  As it says in Deuteronomy 11:8, “Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds.”  He is always enthusiastic to reveal Himself to you in new and powerful ways.

Listed from Newest to Oldest:


Pulling the Lid Off Our Lives (Audio Message)

The Winning Numbers: A Blessing or Curse?

Wanted: Followers, Not Leaders!

Grace to Be Gracious (Part 3) – Audio Message

Part 1 Audio:

Part Two Audio:

Grace to Be Gracious (Part 2)

Grace to Be Gracious (Part 1)

Intentional Optimism

Patiently Press Toward Your Destiny

Vermin Alert! The Little Things in Life Can Have Big Consequences

The Dethronement of Food

The Christian Battle

The Best God Recipe

Everlasting Joy is Never Out of Season

What Kind of Fool Are You?

Pressed, Not Crushed!

The Power of the Tongue


A Seed Well Sown

Biblical Wisdom

The Desires of Your Heart

The Spirit of Freedom

Blind Faith?

A Lesson in Childlike Faith with Paul the “Opossum”

Allowing Our Children to Experience Sacrifice


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