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Children’s Book Recommendations

Reading to children is a great way to develop their mind, guide their character, and foster relationships with them.  It can also preserve a childlike imagination in us old-folk.  I love it when I’m referred to a great book for my kids, so I will pay it forward by letting you know which children’s books have really made an impact in our family. 

Though my blog’s articles are generally Christ-centered, my book recommendations are largely secular, with an occasional faith-oriented book.  I only review books that I highly recommend, so check these out!  Below is a title list of book recommendations.  Simply click on each title to see its review.  Otherwise, to find my most recent recommendations, simply Click here.  Enjoy!

The Christmas Selection

A Magical Christmas  by Claire Freedmon and Gail Yerrill   – (secular)

A Very Fuddles Christmas   by Frans Vischer  – (secular)

I’ve Seen Santa!  by David Bedford and Tim Warnes – (secular)

Mortimer’s Christmas Manger  by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman – (Christian)

The Donkey’s Christmas Song   by Nancy Tafuri  – (Christian)

The Third Gift   by Linda Sue Park and Bagram Ibatoulline – (Christian)

The Each and Every Day Selection

A Lullaby for Little One   by Dawn Casey and Charles Fuge  (Tags:  Rabbits, Rhyme, Bedtime, Friendship, Relationship)

Bear in the Air   by Susan Meyers and Amy Bates   (Tags:  Bear Book, Rhyme)

Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum   by Lisa Wheeler and Laura Huliska-Beith  (Tags:  Rhyme)

Can’t You Sleep, Little Bear?  by Martin Waddell and Barbara Firth (Tags:  Fear of Dark, Bedtime, Bear)

Carnivores  by Aaron Reynolds and Dan Santat  (Tags:  Nature, Animals, Food Chain)

Corduroy Goes to School  by B.G. Hennessy and Lisa McCue (Tags:  Introduction to School)

Dino Pets   by Lynn Plourde and Gideon Kendall

Do Like A Duck Does!   by Judy Hindley and Ivan Bates   (Tags:  Fox, Duck, Rhyme)

Don’t Fidget a Feather!  by Erica Silverman and S.D. Schindler (Tags:  Duck, Gander, Pride)

Flip, Flap, Fly!   by Phyllis Root and David Walker   (Tags:  Baby Animals, Rhyme)

Flora’s Very Windy Day    by Jeanne Birdsall    (Tags:  Sibling Relationship)

Fuddles   by Frans Vischer  (Tags: Cats)

Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?   by Nancy White Carlstrom and Bruce Degen    (Tags:  Bear Book, Rhyme, Summer)

Just One!   by Sam McBratney and Ivan Bates   (Tags:  Squirrel, Self-Control)

Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Waking Up?   by Bill Martin Jr, Michael Sampson, and Laura J Bryant (Tags:  Cat, Rhyme)

Miss Maple’s Seeds   by Eliza Wheeler  (Tags:  Nature)

Mother, Mother, I Want Another   by Maria Polushkin Robbins and Jon Goodell  (Tags:  Bedtime, Relationship, Animals)

Only Cows Allowed   by Lynn Plourde and Rebecca Harrison Reed (Tags:  Farm Characters)

Pumpkin Soup    by Helen Cooper (Tags:  Fall Season, Friendship)

Quick As A Cricket   by Audrey and Don Wood (Tags:  Rhyme, Character Development)

The Cloud Spinner  by Michael Catchpool and Alison Jay   (Tags:  Environmental Moral)

The Lonely Scarecrow  by Tim Preston and Maggie Kneen (Tags: Nature, Seasons, Lesson not to judge by appearance)

The Tushy Book    by Fran Manushkin and Tracy Dockray (Tags:  Humor, Potty-Training Inspiration) 

Trumpet: The Little Elephant with a BIG Temper!   by Jane Clarke and Charles Fuge   (Tags:  Elephants, Anger)

Where is Tippy Toes?   by Betsy Lewin   (Tags:  Cats, Rhyme)

Wild About Us!   by Karen Beaumont and Janet Stevens  (Tags:  Body Image, Character, Zoo Animals)

Whoo Goes There?  by Jennifer Ericsson and Bert Kitchen (Tags:  Owl, Forest Animals, Nature, Food Chain)